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On May 12, 2019 Wags 2 Wishes took in Chaos a 5 month Old Tibetan Mastiff from an owner that had him for 6 weeks. The request to Owner Surrender was due to the fact that Chaos was not holding down food or liquid and the vet had recommended after running a few test to euthanize due to his inability to keep anything down AND their inability to diagnos /resolve his issues, the owner ran out of money for testing and treatment.

It was clear to us when Chaos arrived he hadn't received proper nutrition due to his inability to keep foods down. His body was emaciated which is hard to see under all that hair, his feet flat and his energy dull at best for a puppy his age. We knew we had to act fast and begin testing with our trusted vet.

As easy as that sounds, it wasn't he was brought in and a battery of test ran nothing stood out or pointed to one thing specifically. Although the symptoms mimicked Mega Esophagus, his TWO barium test ruled that out . He started meds to help the esophagus and intestines contract to pull the food and water down and to no avail it just wasn't helping. To make matters worst upon recheck Chaos had aspirated and now has aspiration pneumonia.

Feeling helpless our vet recommended we try the local "Specialty Vet" that has advance testing and soon we found our self there praying for a diagnosis and treatment plan so Chaos could start to live his best life...however that is not what happened. Their test also did not give an answer so they recommended a $5000-$7000 exploratory surgery, 

at this time we were already $3250 deep in testing and medications. We asked if our vet could do this procedure thus drastically reducing the price and the next day Chaos was transferred back to our primary vet.

I imagine while you are reading this you are starting to feel our frustration, 2 vets $3250, no diagnosis and no plan. Our entire team prayed hoping exploratory surgery would provide the answers we needed.

So the call from our vet comes , 2019 at 3pm which happens to be Memorial Day weekend. He has no good news, in fact he has nothing  - the exploratory surgery didn't direct us anywhere. He says "Terri you need to get here and take Chaos to the University of Illinois and you need to do this NOW". Within the hour the Founder of our Rescue, who also happens to be Chaos Foster Mom and another volunteer were in route to the University of Illinois with a very weak Chaos.

Upon arrival Chaos is weak and aspiration pneumonia is getting the best of him. The University vets quickly take him away to get him stabilized before coming in to fully discuss his history.

Every single test, xray, scan you can think of was ran (TWICE and some 3 times)...he spent a week at the University of Illinois Intensive Care Unit...some test would take normal than others to receive but FINALLY on June 12, 2019 after having Chaos one full month we received our diagnosis and treatment plan at this time we are at a cost of over $6500.

Diagnosis & Plan

1. Pituitary Dwarfism
2. Hypothyroidism
3. Hormone Deficient

Chaos  has aspiration pneumonia AGAIN so he will started sub q antibiotics.
June 13 - he will start meds for the Hypothroidism
In 2 weeks upon recheck we will start hormone therapy.

We haven't mentioned his eye issue but he will need entropian surgery down the road. When he came to us he had eye ulcers which have since been treated and healed. Once medically sound the eyes will be addressed. 

We expect his monthly medicines, vet checks and re-testing back at the University of Illinois to average $500 (low end) - $800 (high end) per month. We expect this for a minimum of 6 months and are hoping our generous supporters will help us see him through to living his best life.

We have several options to the right of this page for you to help us help Chaos and will be adding more ways as they become available.

We are also considering a blog or dedicated Facebook page to keep his supporters updated easily. Stay tuned for the updates!

Special Thanks to:

The Puppy Mill Project for their $3000 Grant towards Medical Treatment

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Dr. Long, Yorkville Animal Hospital



Dr. Hull, University of Illinois






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