We want the Adoption Process to be an easy and enjoyable experience for all. Our ONLY goal is to place the dogs we rescue into loving forever homes who are dedicated to their care and training for life. Because of this, we do have basic requirements adopters must meet before being able to adopt through W2W.

1.)  APPLY ONLINE TO ADOPT. You can do so from your home or you are welcome to come to the W2W Rescue Center and apply at our Adoption Station located at the W2W Rescue Center. Adopters MUST be 21 years old

​2.) We REQUIRE you to provide PROOF and a vet reference that ALL current / past pets have been kept up to date with routine vet care/medical. Wags 2 Wishes does require that the following is not ONLY up to date but has routinely been done through the years you have had your pet. (keep in mind some dogs may require previous pet OR breed experience)

  • Spayed or Neutered (we will NOT adopt into homes that current animals are not spayed/neutered)
  • Rabies
  • Bordetella (optional but the risk for kennel cough is there)
  • ​Heart worm testing & Heart worm preventative

3.) If you do not *own* your home, you must provide your landlord / association contact info on the application AND a copy of your lease that outlines the rules for dog ownership in your residence. Large breed dogs will not be adopted into apartment settings or into a situation where there are breed/ size restrictions.

​4.) ALL family members living in the home must meet the potential adopted dog and "be on board to adopt". We will NOT adopt until ALL have met the dog and in the meantime some other family will have an opportunity to adopt that dog.

​5.) We do NOT arrange dog meet and greets until we can verify your current pets are up to date / spayed or neutered. This is done by appointment ONLY!

​6.) Be prepared for an in home visit. Wags 2 Wishes will at their discretion require an in home visit especially when a vet reference is not provided. MOST large breed dogs will require a fully fenced yard.


​8.) How you treat us says A LOT about how you will treat the dog you are applying for. If you think our adoption process is too intense and get annoyed at the time or paper work involved then you obviously do not understand the rescue work we do and the dedication our volunteers have for these rescued dogs. Being rude to us and the process we have set in place for the SAFETY of our dogs is not the way to go if you would like to ADOPT. W2W reserves the right to deny any applicant for any reason.


ADOPTION FEE'S - $375-$425 (subject to change without notice)

All dogs adopted through Wags 2 Wishes are fully vetted with age appropriate vaccines and medical (see below). Keep in mind, once you take possession of your newly adopted dog any and all future medical cost or care is YOUR responsibility.

​Because we are RESCUE we typically do not know the history of any dog or puppy taken into our care we can not guarantee the future health, congenital defects or temperament of any adopted dog. Nor can we guarantee the breed, we do our best to provide you with what we know however breed description is an educated guess on our part. 

Once again, keep in mind any future medical or training required is the sole responsibility of the adopter and should be taken into consideration before adopting. 

ADULT DOGS -ages 6 months and up $375  (subject to change without notice)

Spay or Neuter


(1) Bordetella

​(1) Rabies Vaccine w Certificate (Rabies tag not included)


Fecal Test (1)

​Heart worm Test (over 7 months of age)

Microchip Insertion (registration fee not included)

​Flea Bath / Treatment (before adoption)

PUPPIES - ages 6 months and under $425 (subject to change without notice)
Spay or Neuter
(1) Bordetella

​(1) Rabies Vaccine w Certificate (Rabies tag not included) (FOR DOGS 4 MONTHS AND OLDER)
Fecal Test (1)
Microchip Insertion (registration fee not included)
Flea Bath / Treatment (before adoption)

We are a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization