Adoptable Animals & Adoption Requirements

We are a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization

Before reviewing our adoptable animals, please take a moment to read our BASIC adoption requirements located under the "APPLY TO ADOPT" tab. Keep in mind not every animal has the same adoption requirements, such as no kids, fence required  (required for most adult large breed dogs), training classes required etc.


MOST Adoptions require a home inspection before adoption is final. If we do not have a rescue partner in your area to do a home visit we may not be able to proceed with your application. (out of state applicants - please keep this in mind) Puppies are not adopted out of state.


We do not hold animals -  if you are not available for a home visit or to take immediate possession of the animal IF approved - please do not apply at this time. While you may be busy and can't "squeeze in" your final adoption until after your vacation, move, day off etc. there are dogs that are waiting on us to save them. We are a rescue, not a boarding facility. if you don't have time to schedule your final adoption, you might not have time for a new dog after all.


If you don't intend to keep this animal as an inside pet - do not apply!

If you do not have patience to potty train and do not understand this animal will need a transition period to get use to its new surroundings and life - do not apply! (seriously consider this - ALL animals will take time to adjust to schedule and may need work with potty training, behaviors, etc.)

OUR adoptions fees are typically $375-$425 and include all needed vetting. (neuter or spay, rabies vaccine, distemper vaccine, bordetella vaccine, fecal test, deworming (if needed), heart worm test (over 7 months old) and microchip)

*Puppies receive "age appropriate vaccines - you will be responsible for any needed care or vaccines that are not given before adoption*

ALL major medical is covered prior to placement - some dogs may require heart worm treatment or surgeries that are covered under the adoption fee and done prior to adoption.


If you are fully committed to adopt and understand this animals may chew, drool, shed and have the occasional accident - please view our animals here: