Kendra has been a volunteer at Wags for just over 2 years. She started long distance running because of her first rescue dog's love of running.  She has been a charity runner for the Chicago Marathon for 11 consecutive years, fundraising tens of thousands of dollars to save homeless pets.  So when she left her career of 20 years she knew she wanted to spend her extra time devoted to rescue. Kendra has played a vital role in day to day operations at Wags often doing multiple shifts per day. 

From cleaning, walking, dogs meets, adoptions, vet runs or cleaning the dock there isn't a task she will not do and do with a smile on her face! 

Kendra juggles many things with ease which includes her husband , Gino, their hobbies racing - marathons and Ironman distance triathlons, two children: Kylie (14) and Dominic (13) and their 2 dogs Mia and Kaiya (adopted from Wags).

HER WORDS: Being a part of Wags has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Thank you all for your dedication to Wags 2 Wishes Animal Rescue, Inc.

In 2018 we were blessed with Stephanie walking through our doors in need of community service. She quickly fit in with the Wags family and became a vital part of our operations. From running shifts, assisting in meets, adopts and helping at events there is no task or request Stephanie will turn down when it comes to the dogs.

In 2018,  I found my way to wags for community service hours. From the moment I started volunteering, my life was completely changed. I’ve assisted in adoptions, transports and fundraisers. I  usually volunteer twice a week. Wags has a special place in my heart. While helping to save lives, "wags saved me."

​Kim started volunteering for Wags back in 2015 right at the start of our rescue journey. Since then, her role has expanded from helping mainly with events and transports to now helping inside the center with meets, adoptions, maintaining a relationship with our vets and arranging all the medical for every animal we rescue.

Make no mistake a shift with Kim will teach you the proper protocol from cleaning  kennels, doing laundry or scooping poop. You will bump into Kim most days be it a weekday or weekend.

In Kims spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband, kids and many grandkids. She also has two pups of her own!

23907 W Industrial Drive N

Plainfield IL  60585



Shift Leader - Trainer


Social Media - Communications Director


Adoption Specialist - Medical Director

Kim is another LOCAL business owner who continues to give back by volunteering her time for years as an animal advocate. She has been lucky enough to have both her business (FETCH PET CARE, NAPERVILLE) and her volunteer life be 100% about the care and well being of animals. Kim has been handling our social media and communications for almost two years. As many of you know in Rescue having a good social media presence, good photos and videos is key for finding adopters and supporters. In Kim's short time with Wags 2 Wishes she has increased our followers by DOUBLE! In addition to her social media role at wags she helps field all incoming communications for the hundreds of emails we get weekly. Because of Kim's excellent organizational skills and ability to keep us all on track it allows our adoption specialist time to focus on ADOPTING! 

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Application Specialist - Shift Leader -Trainer 

Our volunteers are made up of approximately 20-30 people at any given time. Everyone dedicated to the safety and well being of the animals we intake every day. As in any organization we have a main crew that run the day to day operations and they are highlighted below.


Large Dog Division 


Manager Northern Division / Board Member


Founder / President /Operations Manager


Jr. Op Manager - Adoption Specialist


Terri’s love of animals was apparent growing up she would always bring home stay and injured dogs, cats, squirrels, birds, lizards and even snakes! This was well before “Rescue” was known as it is today. She “rescued” her first bully breed dog when she was 21 years old and has been a bully breed advocate every since. Always dreaming of someday being able to “work full time with animals” she was introduced to Rescue later in life where she began fostering and transporting for several other rescues. It wasn’t long that she knew starting her own Rescue was where she could make the greatest impact in Rescue, Her goal; Rescue 8-10 dogs per month. In 2014 she realized the need for rescuing these abandoned animals was far beyond her capability as a “foster based rescue” so  the Wags 2 Wishes Rescue Center was built. Since opening the Rescue Center in 2015 Wags 2 Wishes has been able to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home over 2000 animals! Terri is dedicated to educating the public on responsible pet ownership , spay/neutering and yearly vet visits.

 Alyssa’s love of animal rescue and animals in general started at a very young age. She dreamed of having her own horse, working with animals, and becoming a special education teacher ever since she was little. In college, Alyssa worked at a veterinary office which partnered with a local rescue. After only a few short months, Alyssa become involved and became an active member, serving on the Board of Directors for years and enjoying all of rescue life.

Alyssa met the W2W President while they worked a hoarding case in North Chicago in 2014 during a snow storm. Immediately the two hit it off and worked well together. After a few short months of building a friendship Alyssa was fully on board with Wags 2 Wishes. Alyssa has been able to intertwine her passions as she has adopted a three legged (but only two working) lab at only days old, a 5 month old Aussie with no eyes, a hyperactive Great Dane, and now a young spaniel mix who is also blind. She trained her lab and Australian Shepherd to be therapy dogs and enjoys helping educate young children about animals, especially with her dogs by her side.

John found his way to Wags 2 Wishes through adopting one of our hard case Momma dogs. During this process W2W recognized John as "having what it takes" to work with some of our harder to adopts. It was a no brainer for Wags to ask John to become part of our team and start helping at our facility. Thankfully for us he agreed and has been a vital part of our daily operations since. 

John is always eager to help in any capacity through out the rescue and you can often find him there 3-4 days a week giving much needed long walks and companionship to the rescue dogs in his care. 

​We are very lucky to have such a dedicated person as part of our team and extended family!


Wags 2 Wishes is a licensed , 501(C)3 Not for profit ALL BREED Animal Rescue that started in 2013. Located in Plainfield Illinois our mission is to rescue abused, sick, abandoned and forgotten animals facing euthanasia due to over crowding or being too medically intense for the current facility/owner and provide a loving and secure transition into our rescue program. While our medical and neglect cases enter our foster home program, many of the animals we take in can enter our Rescue Facility and find their loving forever home in just a short time.

See some amazing transformations here:

Throughout her adult life Joline has been involved with various rescue groups helping with events, transports, fostering, home visits, etc. She started volunteering with Wags in 2021 and knew immediately she found her "volunteer home".

On any given evening you can find Joline at Wags running a shift, doing a meet or processing an adopt. She is a powerhouse when it comes to any task within Wags and usually takes on multiple responsibilities inside and outside the rescue center. She has been a huge asset to our organization, and we are lucky to have her as part of our extended family.

Joline's love of dogs started when her family welcomed their first dog when she was a little kid.  He was a rescue named Fred, an all-American mutt.  She currently has 2 pups, Bumble & BonBon.  You can be certain that any conversation with her will involve mention of either her dogs or rescue pups.  She has a passion for helping dogs and helping people through animal assisted activities with her dogs. 

Don't let her age fool you, "though she be little she is fierce" when it comes to saving lives! Kam cam to us many years ago when she helped organize a donation drive at school, too young to volunteer at the center she did what she could from the outside. One day the Founder Terri allowed Kam to stay at the center at help for the day. It was then she realized W2W needed Kam in a more permanent role INSIDE the center. We spoke to her parents, our insurance company and found a way to make that happen as a "one time" exception to allow under 16 years of age to volunteer inside the building. Today Kam has fostered animals, runs shifts, does meets with families, assist in dog pulls and even assist with training incoming volunteers. Quite frankly there isn't a task Kam cant do for Wags. When it comes to love and dedication you will not find a more dedicated volunteer than Kam, she even asked if her first car could be a conversion van to do transports!

You can meet Kam most weekends, holidays and in the summer weekdays too doing what she loves, cleaning cages, walking dogs and handling adoptions!

We are a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization


Adoption Specialist - Shift Leader -Trainer 


Adoption Specialist - Shift Leader -Trainer 


Jennifer found her way to Wags back in June 2018 looking for a place to give her time since her daughters went away to college. Right away she knew she found her extended family with Wags and a passion to make a difference in the life of every rescue dog that enters our building. She is the mother to us all and often there to lend an ear and offer advice to help us with daily struggles life throws our way.

Additionally Jenifer and her husband are local business owners that have given more than time to Wags they have sponsored many events and covered cost for items needed for the center. On any given day you can find Jennifer deep cleaning kennels or processing adoption applications to ensure our dogs go to the best homes. Although she juggles running her own business, family life - she always has time for wags!

We can't imagine Wags without Jennifer!