We are a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization

The W2W Nursery is a place for pregnant or nursing moms that have ended up in need of rescue. Here they are able to safely and quietly tend to their family until all are ready for adoption.

Our nursery is constructed of mostly vinyl so its easily cleanable to ensure disease is not transferred. Our individual temperature controlled heated floors ensure moms and babies are kept warm during their stay.


Small Dog, Cat and Large Dog Area


Our facility is modest in size, yet has enabled us to save hundreds of lives every year! One of the greatest compliments we receive daily is "WOW - Its so clean!"

The main side of our Rescue Center can house up to 40 dogs/cats at any given time while our Nursery side houses up to 3 Moms and their babies which means there are times we have over 60 animals to care for daily!

​We are also fortunate to also have an inside and outside play area for our rescue animals!

Our Nursery

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