We are a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization

By clicking submit you understand that you are REQUESTING we take in your unwanted animal and this does NOT guarantee placement into Wags 2 Wishes Animal Rescue. Wags 2 Wishes prefers to work primarily with animal controls who are over crowded so those dogs will be given consideration first. I understand that IF my dog is accepted into Wags 2 Wishes Animal Rescue I will be expected to bring ALL paper work and vetting info. I will also be expected to update vaccines, provide a negative heart worm and fecal test test prior to being surrendered.

(all must be within 30 days of surrendering)

Before Surrendering PLEASE be sure

you have exhausted all other options.




Before you surrender your pet, please be sure that you have exhausted all other options. Once you surrender you do not have an option to reclaim your pet nor do you have any part of the placement and / or future of your surrendered pet.

The majority of our animals enter our facility through shelter transfers. We rescue animals from local animal controls when their required stray holding period has ended & they have not been reclaimed or are sick and injured. We are not licensed by the State of Illinois to take in stray animals. They must be surrendered to your local animal control. Please do not contact us about strays.

A small percentage of animals we take in are owner surrenders. Owners who wish to surrender their pet must complete the “Owner Surrender Request” below. PLEASE attach photos of the pet you are surrendering. Submitting this form does NOT garantee will can take your pet.

If you have waited until the last minute and only have a short time to surrender your pet, we cannot help you. This takes time for us to secure a foster home who will be committed to the care of your pet. Typically we require 7-10 days. Again, Submitting a request does not guarantee placement.

Our Intake Committee reviews all owner surrender requests to determine whether or not the animal is suitable for our adoption program. Any animals that show humane / dog aggresion will not be accepted. If agrresion develops at a later date Wags 2 Wishes reserves the right to humanely euthanize.

Please keep in mind that if your animal is accepted, there will be a surrender fee. Unaltered (not spayed or neutered) animals will require a $100 surrender fee and altered animals will require a $50 surrender fee.

Owner Surrender "REQUEST"